Grupo Almina:
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Environment and Nature

ALMINA Promotes the implementation of environmental measures so as to prevent negative consequences for the Planet. The company is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of mining exploration.
ALMINA creates environmental conservation and protection initiatives. The company also promotes several measures to minimize and control impact:
  • Waste management;
  • Construction of a temporary storage site for industrial waste;
  • Mine and processing plant water treatment station (ETAML);
  • Air quality control measures;
Sustainability means balance and awareness of the responsibility between generations. ALMINA wants to be a part of the solution to environmental problems.

Environmental Monitoring Commission

  • SHARE aspects related to the activity and its difficulties with stakeholders;
  • BUILD a forum for transparent debate and common learning;
  • IMPROVE ALMINA’s knowledge of the community’s concerns;
  • PROMOTE continuous improvement in the communication between ALMINA and the community.
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  • Professor José Manuel Palma (Coordinator)
  • Regional Health Administration
  • Aljustrel School Group
  • Aljustrel Municipal Assembly/Standing Committee of the Aljustrel Municipal Assembly for Environment and Health;
  • Roxo Beneficiaries Association
  • Humanitarian Association of Aljustrel’s Volunteer Firefighters;
  • Aljustrel City Council;
  • CCDR - Alentejo
  • Aljustrel Health Center
  • Polytechnic Institute of Beja
  • Aljustrel and Rio de Moinhos Parish Union
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Water is a good that must be preserved. Access to water is a basic human right, paramount to survival and essential to the maintenance of healthy natural environments.
ALMINA’s contribution is done through a rational and efficient management of this resource.
Water resources are conserved so they can continue to support healthy ecosystems and sustain economic growth.
Water monitoring carried out at ALMINA facilities:
  • Surface;
  • Underground;
  • Household waste;
  • Discharges into the environment.
ALMINA holds a recirculation water system that makes it possible to use this resource in different ways and several industrial processes.
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ALMINA optimizes energy equipment. Adopting sustainability is no longer an option and has become a necessity.
ALMINA’s solutions involve the rationalization of energy use inside and outside the company and promote the improvement of social and environmental conditions so as to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and the consumption of green energy.
ALMINA establishes strategies for the reduction of energy consumption and strongly invests in “green innovations”.