Grupo Almina:


ALMINA establishes an integrated management policy in the areas of Occupational health and Safety.

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ALMINA prioritizes social response and values the interactions between the company, the official entities and the community. ALMINA builds and implements organizational doctrines that support the functioning of the company.

Continuous improvement and sense of urgency are some of the main goals at ALMINA. The search for improvement enables the implementation of measures that benefit work places.

Occupational Health

Occupational health is a priority intervention area at ALMINA. The workplace is valued as a space for primary intervention of occupational hazards, health protection and promotion and also for people’s access to health services.
Main objectives of Occupational Health:
  • 1.Promotion and maintenance of high levels of the community’s physical, mental and social health and well-being;
  • 2.Prevention of adverse effects in people’s health, namely through continuous health surveillance;
  • 3.Protection from professional exposures susceptible of compromising health;
  • 4.Integration and maintenance of people in a work environment suited to their physical and mental necessities.
Continuous improvement of Occupational Health is a crucial pillar to the quality, competitiveness and innovation of any company.


ALMINA invests in training, promoting the improvement of skills and competences. Continuous training aims to contribute to the increase in motivation and confidence by finding training solutions that suit everyone’s needs facilitating interaction.
Resorting to efficient and effective training, it is possible to get better results both in terms of qualifications and productivity.
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Code of Conduct & Ethics
Plan for the Prevention of Risks of Corruption and Related Infractions
ALMINA GROUP - Plan for the Prevention of Risks of Corruption and Related Offenses - Annual Evaluation Report


Geoffrey Mbugua works in ALMINA. He participated in the documentary Príncipes do Nada, where Catarina Furtado presents the work of associations and social projects in Portugal. Geoffrey had no money, no work. But will and humility never lacked. Now, he has found a refuge in ALMINA and has met a new family.

Humanos (mineiros) Show

Some people who are part of ALMINA, such as João, Dora, Filipe, Nelson and Carina, participated in the Humanos show . In the episode “Mineiros”, Ana Rita Clara revealed the reality of those who work in mines and presented the phases of extraction and distribution of ore. In the mine, people not only find a job, but also something that motivates them to live. Courage and companionship are other factors that characterize these miners.